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This safety poster give guidance for employees working on sites containing live cables and overhead wires.

This poster says:
Be aware - Not all cables will be clearly marked on plans. 1. For safety, always assume all houses, offices, factories and shops have live cables running into them, no matter what your plans show. 2. Take time to trace the cables and mark them against the plans provided. 3. Scan the area with a detector to make sure the area is safe before excavating it. 4. Initially make only trial holes to locate cables before using a mechanical digger. 5. If any cables are damaged cordon off the area and immediately call the local electricity supplier.

Never assume an area is safe without checking it first. 1. Always be aware that live cables can be anywhere, at any depth - even just below the surface. 2. Never assume a disused or derelict building has no live cables. 3. Take care, even when only using hand tools.

Remember Overhead lines. 1. Always look up when operating any kind of machinery particularly if it goes above head height. 2. Never drive with a wagon?s tipper raised anywhere within the area. 3. Take care when erecting scaffolding or fencing. 4. Always be aware of overhead cables when felling trees. 5. Never tip landfill under overhead wires.

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Rigid Plastic: Lightweight, gloss white PVC with high impact strength. Suitable for both internal and external safety signs. Easily drilled for wall fixing.

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Electricity On Site - Poster - Industrial Signs

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